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Gaia’s Garden has a unique range of products designed to assist in Goddess rituals or for the Goddess person in your life. 

Silk and Felt Ritual Robes and Shawls

These shawls and robes are hand crafted from silk and wool and carry within each of them an image of Goddess spirituality.


You can chose from one that is shown here or discuss a new design with Tricia who makes these to order.
Call Her On: 0407336373

Kwan Yin

On a recent journey to Vietnam we visited an old temple to the Goddess Kwan Yin where the caretaker took us into a store room to show us hundreds of old porcelain statues of Kwan Yin that had been used in the temple and had now been discarded. These statues cannot be broken as they have imbued the sacredness of the temple. We were offered the chance to purchase some and brought them home in our luggage without any breakage.

We are now offering them for sale;


Colin Heaney Goddess Glass

Colin Heaney is perhaps one of Australia’s best glass makers although he is no longer doing glass work and as a result his work is now rather rare. Colin made a series of Goddess inspired glass products including pendants and altar pieces. We have the last of this work and are selling on line or at conferences and workshops.



Over the years we have designed and created a range of Jewellery products and altar pieces which we are now on sale as we move on to other creative activity

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